Unfiltered JW

Woulda, shoulda, and coulda have joined forces in the AwwShucks alliance today.

RT @ericflo: Fabrice Bellard is the hacker they call in movies when all the other hackers fail.

RT @mathewlodge: Heading to #railsconf? Check out Ruby rockstar @derekcollison’s session: Rails on cloudfoundry.com http://oreil.ly/lMAS


RT @swardley: “Cloud providers are making fat, fat margins” Armando Fox #esym11 <—I mentioned this a while ago to much controversy ;)

RT @singhns: RT @cloudspokes: CloudSpokes to “Score” DocuSign’s $25,000 Hackathon http://goo.gl/mVtjp

Tapping out for the night in Vegas, laying awake thinking about how to help infrastructure crowd delight their developers in talk tomorrow

Let me tell you how this commodity IaaS game ends folks, AP modeled data, but SSDs and latency aware placement. #ECS

Ladies and gentlemen, I present infinite scroll Instagram cat pictures, an app running on Cloud Foundry http://bit.ly/kuOjqA

I’ve got the subluxation blues ….